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The Mystery Godoku Puzzle …

with Mysterious Clues to help you solve it!

Welcome to The Mystery Godoku Puzzle, a weekly feature created by the editors of the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books.

Godoku is similar to Sudoku, but uses letters instead of numbers. The goal of Godoku is to fill in every empty box with one of nine letters. Each letter can appear only once in each horizontal row as well as in each vertical column and in each of the 3x3 grids. Some letters are always provided to get you started. Finally, we also give you a mystery clue to fill in a complete row or column (if you choose to use it!).

Select a recent puzzle from the list below or choose one of the many puzzles from our archives.

Mystery Godoku Puzzle for April 14, 2014

Mystery Godoku Puzzle for the Week of 04/14/2014

Tiffany Baker's 2014 thriller set in Titan Falls, New Hampshire, has this title (9 letters). This week's letters: C E M N O R S W Y.

Mystery Godoku Puzzle for April 07, 2014

Mystery Godoku Puzzle for the Week of 04/07/2014

Jeremy Robinson's 2013 thriller features park ranger and expert tracker Mark Hawkins (9 letters). This week's letters: 1 3 7 A D I L N S.

Mystery Godoku Puzzle for March 31, 2014

Mystery Godoku Puzzle for the Week of 03/31/2014

He is the author of crime thrillers featuring former journalist Gus Dury (9 letters). This week's letters: A B C K L N O T Y.

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